There is now a street in San Diego named after legendary, early gay rights activist Harvey Milk. Randy Thomasson, head of the “Save California” hate group, is so very angry about this:

Randy Thomasson, president of, is disappointed that opponents of the renaming did not voice their disapproval.

Ha ha ha, the City Council voted 8-0. What’s he disappointed about? That people who don’t exist failed to register their whining?

“It’s sad that hardly anybody showed up to protest this naming of a street after a sexual predator and the sexual anarchist named Harvey Milk,” he laments.

Well, that’s your revisionist retelling of the story, Randall, but here in the real world, you are literally being quoted by the “news” division of the American Family Association hate group, complaining that literally no one cares what you think about. I cannot believe you even agreed to this interview, as it is simply embarrassing for you.

“All four candidates for mayor in San Diego are in favor of homosexual activism. Carl DeMaio, a homosexual himself who lives with his homosexual man boyfriend, he voted for Harvey Milk Street,” the activist reports. “Nathan Fletcher, who’s a state assemblyman, he’s voted for a third homosexual agenda bill in the state legislature. Bob Filner, a Democrat congressman, has been promoting the homosexual agenda his entire career. Bonnie Dumanis, the county district attorney, is an open lesbian and even has a homosexual marriage herself.”

Yes, again, Randy Thomasson, hate group leader and whiner ad nauseam, we get it. You are alone in the world. Again, why did you agree to this interview? The time for your sort of bigot has passed. Get used to the new normal, or continue to complain. Either. Won’t make much difference in the real world.

[h/t Joe]