Michael Brown, Jew for Jesus, and one of the most irrationally homophobic men in the United States, writing to Kathy Baldock, Evangelical Christian and advocate for LGBT people:

“Kathy, to use your words, people are ‘absolutely sick of the hatred, bigotry and discrimination’ being shown against Christians in our society today. People have had it with gay activists shoving their agenda down their throats, trying to indoctrinate their children, taking away their religious right and freedoms, and twising [sic] the Word of God. You are totally on the wrong side of this issue, and if not in this world, then before the throne of God, you will come to that bitter realization. I will certainly continue to pray for you.

As to whether you know God or love God, that’s for Him to decide, not me, and it is not for me to judge your motives. But as to you whether you are rightly reading and interpreting the Word with regard to homosexual practice, I have no doubt that you are quite wrong.”

And yet, Michael, please show me the kid who put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger because he had been so bullied, beaten up, preached against, humiliated, and/or driven into self-loathing, for being a Christian. Or a Jew for Jesus. Whatever the case may be. Show me. I’m waiting. Everyone is.

Oh, you have nothing? I guess we’ll just continue to shoulder the bodycount, then, at the hands of people like you, while you continue to inhumanely bitch about your plight. Just the way it’s always been.

[h/t to Thers for the line of questioning]