Richard Kim, executive editor of The Nation, and Wayne Besen, founder and executive director of Truth Wins Out, join “Viewpoint” host Eliot Spitzer to analyze President Obama’s comments supporting gay marriage during an interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts, excerpts of which were published online today.

Kim argues that Obama’s comments won’t directly impact legislation: “In terms of the policy now, changing what actually happens on the ground, this doesn’t do anything really … There’s a long road ahead to getting rid of the Defense of Marriage Act and to overturning these 30 state constitutional bans on same-sex marriage.” Besen counters Kim by noting how important Obama’s remarks will be in shaping public opinion. “It’s going to snowball, others are going to follow suit, and that’s where the huge change is going to occur,” he says. “You have to start with the public opinion before the policy’s changed, and this was a wonderful step in that direction.”

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