Amanda Marcotte makes a solid case today that, as with most complaints from wingnuts, where they hide behind what’s best for “families” or for “the children,” One Million Moms and similar groups really don’t care about anything of the sort:

One Million Moms doesn’t give a sh*t about “the children”. “The children” are just a cover story for a larger agenda of forcing pop culture to be compliant with and propagandistic for a fundamentalist Christian worldview. Their most prominent crusade to date has been trying to get a fully clothed, family-friendly Ellen DeGeneres off the air, because the mere existence of lesbians offends them, and they want them all to go away. That doesn’t have squat to do with “the children”. Children don’t look at a nice lady in a blazer and jeans and think about all the hot-and-dirty lesbian action she gets at home. No, that’s their stupid parents whose sexual repression has completely thwarted their brains to the point where they can’t think about anything but sex, and how delicious and sinful and tempting and dirty it is. The funny thing about not believing that sex is dirty is that sex ends up being less of an obsession. I mean, you’re still an animal, but you get to the point where you’re only thinking about it like half the time, instead of it ruling your every thought. I can look at DeGeneres without really giving much mind to what she’s like in bed. It’s totally possible, if you get over your ridiculous homophobia.

A to the MEN. We always remark that it’s just bizarre how sex-obsessed our wingnut opponents really are. They like to paint us as the sex-obsessed ones, because that’s part of their narrative, but which side here spends their waking hours talking about sex, at least from a political standpoint? When LGBT people are fighting for our rights, we tend to be talking about things like survivor benefits and equal rights in employment and freedom from discrimination, and so on and so on; meanwhile, Religious Right leaders are quoted every day saying the most absurd, prurient things about our sex lives. It’s about control, and it’s about wingnuts’ own fears — of themselves.