The blogosphere is buzzing with rumors that President Obama, who will sit for a hastily-arranged interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts this afternoon, will officially endorse marriage equality today.

The New York Times, Politico, and others are reporting that the issue will be discussed at length, and that Roberts will press the President to clarify his position. Richard Socarides, who served as an LGBT adviser to the Clinton White House, told Politico, “I’m hopeful that the president is going to speak directly on this issue. When he does, I think it will be an important moment.”

A tweet from Marc Ambinder, White House correspondent for National Journal and contributing editor at The Atlantic, added fuel to the fire. Ambinder wrote: “So do I think President Obama will endorse same-sex marriage today? Yes. Yes I do.”

Not holding my breath here, but needless to say, if the evolution does happen today, it will be a watershed moment. We’ll keep you posted.