Scott Lively is one disturbed man. He’s apparently stung by the fact that Sexual Minorities Uganda and the Center for Constitutional Rights are suing him for human rights offenses tied to his role in inciting hatred against gay people, hatred which gave birth to the now infamous “Kill the Gays” bill being pushed in Uganda. However, though he may be stung, that’s not stopping him from grabbing a shovel and digging his hole deeper. Right Wing Watch has the audio and transcript from Lively’s recent interview on the Janet Mefferd show, where he again advocated either forced therapy or prison for gays:

Mefferd: When you go back to 2009 and what you actually said during the conference, was there anything that you did say at that time that gave them actual fodder for screaming and yelling, do you regret anything you said—

Lively: No, no, no.

Mefferd: Or do you stand by what you said?

Lively: First of all as regards to the bill, the bill hadn’t been written yet, I had an opportunity, I spoke to members of the Ugandan Parliament in their assembly hall, and there was several other speakers and the minister of ethics and integrity was there and he made a few comments. My suggestion was, rather than focusing on punishment, you should focus on therapy. I gave my own personal testimony, before I became a Christian, an instrumental factor was I got arrested for drunk driving and they gave me the option in Oregon of taking diversion, as they called it, or losing my license and going to jail. I chose the therapy option, it was one of the best things that ever happened, it was in that rehab center that I got down on my knees and surrendered my life to Christ, so I gave that as my testimony to the Ugandans saying this is the model you should follow, you could be the first country in the world to offer this as a standard, a national standard, that we want to help people overcome this sin.

First of all, no one alive or dead can prove that homosexuality is a “sin.” But more than that, it’s sick that he thinks his drunk driving conversion experience is relatable to happy, healthy gay people simply living their lives. And even more than that, as we all know, there is no scientific evidence that so-called “ex-gay” therapy is effective, and people in those programs don’t actually end up changing their sexual orientations. Therefore, his advocacy of prison as the second choice would end up being the de facto result of his grand plan. Somehow, I don’t think that bothers him.

There’s much more at the Right Wing Watch link, including Lively again claiming that the existence of homosexuality in Uganda is somehow tied to George Soros and infiltration from the United States, a fever dream that can only come out of the sort of disturbed mind of a man who believes that the Holocaust was primarily conducted by gay people.