There comes a time in every Porno Pete’s life, when he sees the writing on the wall, sees that his life’s work will be officially a waste in a few years’ time, and comes up with a plan he thinks is clever, in order to stave off the inevitable for a few more days:

A strong voice for traditional marriage suggests President Obama should be honest with Americans and just come out and endorse homosexual “marriage.”

Over the last two days, two members of Barack Obama’s Cabinet — Vice President Joe Biden and Education Secretary Arne Duncan — announced, in so many words, their support for “gay marriage.” Biden stated Sunday he is “absolutely comfortable” with same-sex couples who marry getting the same civil rights and liberties as heterosexual couples. Then on Monday, Duncan stated for the first time publicly that he supports allowing homosexuals to “marry” in the U.S.

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality tells OneNewsNow that he believes it is just a matter of time — and timing — for President Obama to endorse homosexual marriage.

He’s right. Probably just after the election.

“If you look at the swing states that Obama’s got to win, or he’s trying to win — Virginia, North Carolina, Indiana — these are places where same-sex marriage is not popular, and so I think Obama is holding off,” LaBarbera offers. “I think he really supports so-called same-sex marriage. And besides, he’s doing a ton already to help the gay side fight for same-sex marriage.”

Porno Pete is actually kinda right, but for the wrong reasons…

LaBarbera adds that a person would be “beyond naïve” to believe Obama would not come out in support of same-gender marriage after the election is over. “This is all about politics. He knows he can’t do it now because it might jeopardize some swing states,” state the family activist. “So the Obama administration is so phony on this issue it’s not even funny.”

So here is the problem for Porno Pete and others like him: regular Americans, even in those swing states, just aren’t that energized by hating gay people anymore. Nobody who lives his/her life, day in/day out, in seething Porno Pete-esque fear of gays, is ever going to vote for a Democrat anyway, at least not enough to count very much in the final tallies. Moreover, Barack Obama’s opponent really doesn’t have very strong credentials in the “hating gays” department, so an Obama endorsement of marriage equality really wouldn’t tip the scales like Porno Pete thinks it would. Sure, Mitt Romney is kowtowing to wingnuts right now, but based on his record, there is no evidence that he would give a DAMN about their concerns, if elected. Would a President Romney come out for marriage equality after the election? Hell no. But in all likelihood, he really doesn’t personally care.

Porno Pete is upset because he believes, erroneously, that if Obama were to reveal his true feelings on the issue [I do agree with Pete that Obama completely supports marriage equality, but is playing politics], that some sort of silent wingnut horde would rise up to vote him out. Not gonna happen. This isn’t 2004. A majority of Americans support marriage equality, and while it’s true that those percentages are spread unevenly across the states, only the most fervent of resentful wingnuts are clinging to their bitter hatred of gays as a political issue. Americans are still concerned with bread and butter issues like the unemployment rate, and really don’t have too much time to lose their minds over whether Bruce and Larry down the street have equal constitutional rights.

So, Porno Pete, take all the time you want, wishing and hoping against reality that if only the President would stop playing politics, that your side will ultimately win. But dude, your moment has passed. History books will record that moment with embarrassment.