Wingnuts, having seen something shiny and having fixated on it, are still whining about Dan Savage. Peter LaBarbera posted a supposedly offensive video of Dan talking about the Pope the other day, and apparently Bill Donohue of the Catholic League Of One has been issuing breathless press releases about the same comments. Reflecting on the Really Not Offensive nature of what he said, Dan sums up the acceptable rules for discourse with Fundamentalists/Conservative Catholics these days:

And for those of you keeping score at home: it’s not hate speech when pope claims that my marriage somehow constitutes a threat to the survival of humanity but it is hate speech when I tell an overwhelmingly straight and overwhelmingly Christian audience that the pope is being a ridiculous old queen.

See how that works? The pope can say anything he wants because FAITH! And I can’t defend myself because FAITH! It’s a neat trick: we can beat you up all we want and you aren’t allowed to defend yourself.

Yep! Because according to people of “deeply held faith,” their beliefs are above criticism, even if their beliefs end up driving gay kids to suicide. Because FAITH.

And also, because Fundamentalists have mastered the art of both being Real Americans, but also a victimized minority. Shed a tear for them, please.