Since the theme of the week is The Bullies Are The Real Victims, I must ask you, dear Bam Bam Barber — are we bullying God?

Recently it dawned on me that so-called “same-sex marriage,” to use the term “marriage” isn’t even appropriate. It’s not same-sex marriage, it’s mock marriage because it’s not real marriage, it’s a mock marriage. And same-sex marriage and the attacks on marriage mock God and his design for the institution of marriage.

And God will not be mocked, Shawn, and as we turn our face from God, relative to marriage and our larger culture on a number of these issues of morality and sexual morality, why should be we surprised when God turns his face from us?

So if God is “abandoning” this nation or whatever, at least the wingnut version of God, why don’t people like Bam Bam go to a country that their version of God hasn’t abandoned? Just a question.

Anyway, here’s the video, where you can watch Matt Barber attempt to run away from the real world in real time: