As John Becker wrote earlier today, onetime anti-Semite Billy Graham has come out in support of Amendment 1, the constitutional marriage discrimination amendment being put before North Carolina voters next Tuesday. In 14 North Carolina newspapers this weekend, Graham will talk to North Carolina voters in this ad:

I’m a little confused here, because I thought we lived in America. Yet, Graham is now trying to jam his own church’s rules and doctrine down my throat. The last time I checked, I never signed up for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. (BGEA). I don’t even like his church, yet he thinks I should be forced against my will to live by its rules.

Do we now make our civil laws based upon Christian Sharia? Do we all have to follow his version of the Bible or be punished by government? And if this is the case, are we really a free country? Are we really much different than Iran, or is it only by a matter of degrees or a matter of time until these so-called “Christian Supremacists” get their paws on all of our laws?

“The Bible is clear,” Graham says in his ad? Just like it was, I suppose, when he spouted Anti-Semitic trash to Richard Nixon at the expense of America?

Aside from Graham being dead wrong about the Bible being clear,  who gives a shit if it is?

If I wanted to join his church, I’d have a membership card. I never signed up, never walked in the doors, never sat in a pew, never prayed at one of his revivals, never wasted a dime supporting this fraud — yet I still can’t escape his ubiquitous grasp. Shouldn’t it be enough for Graham and others of his ilk to dictate the rules of their own followers without controlling those who reject their worldview?

I guess not.

It is time for the American majority to rebel. It is time that we stop humoring these totalitarian preachers and pretending we respect them. It is time we tell them that we are not under their control or purview.

This spirit of rebellion should begin with mainstream Christians who should be absolutely livid and incensed. The fundies don’t consider you Christians at all. They laugh in your faces and pass unconstitutional laws in the name of your religion that essentially outlaws your own religious faith and freedom. I applaud those of you who have stood up — but you are too few in number. It is time to expand your ranks.

I’m not sure who Billy Graham thinks he is. But it seems like he believes he is superior and his followers have a mandate to hijack civil law and decide for the rest of us how we live.

Apparently, America is now Graham’s church and we are all card-carrying members — whether we signed up or not.