This is a delightful clip, in general, but Rachel Maddow here elucidates the exact difference [at least one of the most major differences] between liberal and conservative media:

“I think the conservative media model involves this one really important step that liberals don’t use,” Maddow continued, “which is, ‘listen to me, I am the light and the truth and the way, you have to believe what I say and everybody else is out to get you and you can’t listen to anybody else, don’t change the channel, they’re trying to kill you.’ Liberals don’t say that. Conservatives tell their audience that.”

“That sense of an embattled community that needs to protect itself from someone who is trying to victimize them is not part of a way liberals talk in the media.”

EXACTLY. At no point do liberal writers and commentators treat our audiences like they are either stupid or perpetual victims. Conservatives do this pretty much whenever their mouths are open.