Oh dear God. Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, who, to my knowledge, has little awareness of the complexity of the issue of bullying, or of the intersection between bullying and religious wingnuts, is asking us all to be nice to each other:

UGH ….

Savage later called the walk-out “pansy-a**ed” which, from someone who helms an anti-bullying campaign, is obviously a very negative thing to say ….

Can’t we just be good and kind to each other? Isn’t faith in love and honesty and kindness all any of us really need?

People. People who need people. Are the luckiest people. In the world.

All we need is love… Dum dum dum dum dum…

The person trumpeting Perez’s condemnation of Savage’s comments? Erstwhile self-proclaimed virgin Ben Shapiro, who gets uncomfortable when the Golden Globes features jokes about penises. [Seriously, just click on those links. It’s a treasure trove. And when you’re done with that, check out Tbogg’s Shapiro archives. I’m aware that Peter LaBarbera, Michelle Malkin and Jim Hoft are still in the running, but Ben may be the dumbest person on the entire internet. And he’s writing on the website of the recently deceased liar/journalistic failure Andrew Breitbart. So much credibility here, behind Perez’s comments!] Oh wait, did somebody say “credibility?”

Savage, as Hilton points out, has lost his credibility as an anti-bullying advocate with such actions.

OH REALLY? Tell that to the thousands of kids who send him letters telling him how much more hope they have now.

It wasn’t any of the big time celebrities who have endorsed and supported Savage’s It Gets Better Project who stood up against him. It wasn’t folks like Jane Lynch or Neil Patrick Harris or Josh Duhamel or James Marsden or Janet Jackson or Jennifer Love Hewitt or any of the dozens of other stars who could have done so.


It wasn’t the elected leaders who have used government resources to direct traffic to Savage’s program who stood up to Savage’s bullying here. It wasn’t President Obama orVice President Biden or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack or the Department of Justice or the White House Staff or Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius.

It was a gossip columnist.

You’re not helping your case, Tiny Wingnut. Lookit! All these smart people and it took a guy who draws penises on celebrities’ faces, for a job, to notice the problem!

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