Oh look, it’s Focus on the Family.

After CitizenLink covered the story on April 18, Fox News blogger Todd Starnes picked it up, and the video began going viral. That prompted GOProud, a political gay-activist group, to condemn Savage’s comments.

“The language, the tone and the manner in which he chose to address the issue was out of line and disrespectful,” Executive Director Jimmy LaSalvia told CitizenLink today. “The disdain that he showed by using the language he did toward the Bible showed a fundamental disrespect for that document. While he may have different interpretations of things, he should be able to civilly and thoughtfully discuss that. Frankly, I don’t think the issue he was discussing — bullying in schools — has anything to do with the Bible to begin with.”

LaSalvia pointed out that in the two weeks since the incident took place, GOProud is the only gay-activist organization to call Savage out on his behavior.

Well yeah, because for GOProud, equality and ending anti-gay bullying must take a backseat to begging for the approval of Big Wingnuttia.

Great job carrying water for anti-gay bigots, GOProud. You’re as predictable as you are easily used.