Earlier today, Vote For Marriage NC, a hate group pushing for the anti-gay marriage amendment in that state, was roaring about an old woman allegedly being beaten for refusing to take down her anti-gay yard sign. Joe has screen shots of their tweets, which I would post here, but our blog has a bug of some sort that we’re working on getting fixed.

Anyhow, fast forward a few hours, and Joe learned some new information:

Following up on the claim that an elderly North Carolina woman was “violently beaten” over her anti-gay marriage yard sign, I just spoke to Chief Detective Howard Branch of the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office.

Guess what? The story was a lie.

According to Detective Branch, the woman in question was not in her own yard, as was implied by Vote For Marriage NC, she was at another house “looking for her sister.” Branch told me that there the woman had argued with a man about a yard sign, but Branch didn’t know where that sign may have been located or for which side of the marriage issue it advocated. It’s possible that she was complaining about the other man’s own yard sign.

Robeson County officers advised the woman that if she wanted to pursue charges about having her car door slammed on her as she left the man’s house, she could file for a misdemeanor charge of simple battery. Branch said no such claim was yet on record.

Oh, but remember. The wingnuts are ALWAYS the victims! All the ones crying about Dan Savage right now are evidence of that. Also, it’s okay to lie through your teeth as long as you think you’re doing it for your version of God, as long as it’s the “Judeo-Christian” god that wingnuts worship.