Last night, I was honored to participate in a live-Audience edition of Oklahoma: Inside Outcalled “Speaking Only The Truth.”

The goal of the broadcast was to counter the lies of anti-gay holocaust revisionist Scott Lively. For the unacquainted, Lively runs a miserable little ministry, Abiding Truth, that the Southern Poverty Law Center lists as a hate group. He is the author of a disgusting book, The Pink Swastika, that blames the holocaust on gay men. He claims that people are gay because they are molested and promotes the idiotic notion that homosexuals recruit children. His latest book, Redeeming the Rainbow, is so low that it quotes discredited researcher Paul Cameron of the Family Research Institute. Who does that anymore?

The show was hosted by Scott Hamilton of Oklahoma City’s Cimarron Alliance, a group on the front lines that doing incredible work. The guests were:

Michael Kornblitt, Author of ” Until We meet again” Story of Love and Survival during the Holocaust
Pastor Neil Spurgeon, Pastor of Expressions Community Church – A man who endured Reparative Therapy
Wayne Besen, Executive Director of Truth Wins Out and Author

Please listen to the phenomenal podcast of the event.