Ryan Sorba, who thoroughly embarrassed himself at CPAC a while back, and also every other time he opens his mouth, spoke at the “Awakening 2012” conference, where he offered this nugget of information:

Sorba: The other issue is, a lot of people lose their confidence when they talk about this issue, because the other side is so good at putting you into a corner with their terms, which is why this panel is so important, because he who defines the terms controls the debate. Stop using the word gay, because implicit in the notion of a gay identity is the fact that they’re born gay and that it should be a fundamental human right, but fundamental human rights are based on human nature not on capricious desires. If fundamental human rights are based on capricious desires, guess what, we’d have every group on this planet with a different hobby arguing for fundamental rights and benefits based on the fact that they play hockey, based on the fact that they play basketball or surf, or anything that they’re interested in.

Barber: Did you catch that, Brian? I can see the Right Wing Watch headline now, ‘Sorba Calls Homosexuality a Hobby.’ I just gave it to you, go ahead and use that.

First of all, wingnuts have already lost the battle of terminology here. Sorry! Also, if gayness is a hobby, is that what caused my foot injury? Because I’m sitting here having a hard time finding a way to write because my foot has to be elevated at all times, and I didn’t realize it was my gayness that caused this. I was under the impression that my sixty pound dog finally, after eight years, managed to be underfoot in just the right way that I tripped over her last night and landed wrong. Thanks, dog.

Anyway, here is video: