Earlier this month I wrote a piece about how the “Defense of Marriage Act” unfairly punishes same-sex couples during tax time, which was prompted by the $1566 “gay tax” that my husband and I had to pay as a result of federal nonrecognition of our marriage.

The post — and the topic of income inequality for LGBT couples — has generated a great deal of interest and as a result, I’m going to continue telling the stories of same-sex couples who are negatively impacted economically by DOMA. But I don’t want to just tell my story or the stories of people I know, so I need your help!

Is DOMA causing you or someone you love financial hardship? Do you pay more in taxes? What kind of extra legal fees have you incurred, and what kinds of loopholes have you had to jump through in order to achieve some semblance of legal and financial stability for yourself and your spouse/family — just because you’re a same-sex couple? How does DOMA impact you financially? I don’t care if you’re rich, poor, black, white, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, young, or old — if the “Defense of Marriage Act” has hurt you and your family in the pocketbook, and you’re willing to tell your story, I want to hear from you ASAP.

Please also pass this urgent request along to anyone you think would be willing to help.

John Becker
Director of Communications & Development
Truth Wins Out