In one handy sentence, too! This comes from a larger post, which I will discuss a little bit below, but first, here is John Shore, being John Shore, describing the daily lives of all of us who go up against Religious Right wingnuts in the quest for equality:

Sometimes it just feels like you’re wearing roller skates while trying to climb Mt. Stupid.

That’s about it! There is a reason one of my most used tags on Truth Wins Out is, simply, “dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb.” John, of course, points out that it’s not entirely true, but that it just feels that way sometimes:

Which, of course, we’re not. We’ve got on exactly the right gear for this trip—and we’re already so far up the mountain we’re starting to jog to the top. And the opposition is way back down toward the bottom somewhere–old, tired, unprepared for the hike, their compasses broken and supporting ropes frayed, forever taking the wrong paths that lead them either lower still, or into the shadows of dark gorges and ravines in which they stumble blindly about, tripping over roots and jagged rocks.

Ugh. What plodding, resource-wasting clods.

That’s right: clods.

The quote comes from a piece he wrote responding to a letter from a woman in North Carolina. Said woman is fighting against that state’s hateful anti-gay Amendment One, which would write marriage discrimination into their constitution, and said woman was informed by her pastor, publicly, that she deserved to die for supporting gay rights. Because if there’s one thing Fundamentalists know, it’s how to be Christlike!

John, of course, being John Shore again, decided to write a letter to the pastor, wherein he first asked if the pastor was drunk Facebooking when he wished death upon the nice woman. And he goes on from there:

If you weren’t drunk at the time, and actually mean what you wrote to her, then you are a disgrace to everything Jesus Christ stood for. You are a moral abomination, a huge, stinking, festering pocket of rot on the very face of God. To Jesus you are a dank pit of bottomless shame; youare the reason Jesus weeps, because in place of the divine and affirming love that he literally slaughtered himself to prove—the same love you swore an oath to represent and embody—you insert your own base and condemning hatred.