Look, it’s more from the folks who created that wingnut Two Minutes Hate movie about homosexuals, the one where they claim that we are a big iceberg and poor, poor American conservatives’ boats have run square up into us, which is causing them to sink, due to leakage. The group, if you will remember, is called Truth in Action Ministries, and they have made a new fun video for everybody!

Let’s make fun of it in its entirety! Live-blog of video below:

0:00-0:17ish – Host Jennifer Kennedy Cassidy argues that people are being “conned” by the gays! Damn us, for wanting people to treat us with dignity, when all we’re dealing with is a little “moral opposition” from bigots like Jennifer, “moral opposition” which is based on absolutely nothing certifiably real.

0:17 – Now there is a guy on the screen, “Jerry Newcombe,” who is really, really surprised that his historic bigotry is finally being called into question! But they have the message of “deliverance for homosexuals,” he says! However, he does not prove that homosexuals need to be “delivered” from anything at all. It’s just his bigotry wrapped up in faux-loving religious language.

0:55 – Video of Hillary Clinton’s historic speech on LGBT rights worldwide! So nice to see. This makes the wingnuts in the video VERY ANGRY. How dare she say that homosexuality shouldn’t be a criminal offense?!

1:23 – Oh good, here is Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council hate group, to rebut this silly notion that gayness is okay.

1:34 – Even better, here is Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention [who has had a horrible few days, due to his complete lack of ethics and his surplus of racism] claiming that it’s “insulting” to tell Third World countries they should stop just cold killin’ gays. Christian love, Southern Baptist-style!

1:45 – Peter Sprigg is back to complain about the State Department withholding foreign aid from nations that won’t de-criminalize homosexuality. Once a hate group spokesperson, always a hate group spokesperson.

1:57 – Somebody’s voice claims that not criminalizing/killing gays [if any wingnut reading this thinks I’m exaggerating, stop writing your comment and do some research on the nations that Hillary Clinton was speaking in regards to, thanks] is a “gay activist standard.” Uh, actually, no, bigot, it’s a human rights standard for the entire developed world. I know that “developed world” and “fundamentalist Christianity” don’t go very well together, but sorry. Y’all lost that fight during the Enlightenment.

2:05 – the end: More Richard Land talking about how God is “judging America” for not hurting gay people, but somehow isn’t judging Richard Land for plagiarizing other peoples’ work and saying really disgusting, racist things regarding the Trayvon Martin murder. Then he uses the phrase “sexual paganization,” which I’m pretty sure is completely meaningless.

And then it’s over. So there you have it! One spokesperson for a very large hate group and one spokesperson for a very large Christian denomination going to bat for countries who like to jail and kill gay people. I’m glad Sprigg, Land et al., are wearing their hatred on their sleeves these days. Makes the fight for equality go faster, it does!