And they will whine via these handy flyers! Here, schoolchildren, some bitter adults would like to complain in your general direction. If you’re a gay kid, it will feel like being bullied by adults you’ve never met, but don’t worry, that’s how it’s supposed to feel [click to embiggen]:

“Thousands” of people is an uncorroborated number, since most people who go through “ex-gay” programs end up in one of four places: 1. Back out of the closet, living happy lives, 2. Still in the closet, more depressed than they were when they went in, 3. Suicidal or 4. On the payroll of an “ex-gay” corporation like Greg Quinlan. Moreover, there is no proof of any alleged discrimination, unless Greg Quinlan is arguing that straight people are the true victims of discrimination in this society. I mean, “ex-gays” are supposed to be straight now, right? Joe points out that Quinlan has a failed “heterosexual” marriage to prove it! And that last part — what are “ex-gays” denied “equal access” to? Grindr?

If only “one part of you” has gay feelings, and it’s the part of you that has sexual feelings, then yes, you’re probably gay. That being said, the idea of “your whole life” being gay-identified is a straw man argument. No one is defined solely by his or her sexual orientation. But it’s like that old adage about sex in relationships — if your sex life is good, it’s about 10% of your relationship. If it’s not, it’s somewhere between 50% and 90%. Likewise, if you’re healthy and happy in your sexual orientation, it’s just a small piece of your life, albeit an important piece. If you’re running away from your sexual orientation like it’s a demon you have to slay, you may feel that you’re doing well in other areas of your life, but at the end of the day, you’re just a big closet case.

My favorite part of that section, though, is the part they accidentally left out. After “thousands of ex-gay men and women had those very same feelings when they were in school,” the PFOX people forgot to write, “And they still do!”

Anyway, it never ceases to amaze me how, while we’re over here trying to help create a world where all kids feel loved and accepted, Religious Right loons never stop trying to hurt one special subgroup of kids. It’s sick.