Another day, another instance of Porno Pete interviewing one of his ideological confreres about gayness. In this case, it’s North Carolina anti-gay/pro-Amendment One activist Steve Noble, who has some interesting analogies involving homosexuality, Satan and playgrounds:

LaBarbera: You’re talking about the spiritual significance of attaching that name—marriage—to the sin of homosexuality.

Noble: Right, when you refuse to repent the only option you have left is to redefine. You say, ‘I’m just going to take this sin right out of the Bible by redefining it and I’m going to get rid of it.’ That’s why when you do that and this is the really sad spiritual underbelly of the whole thing for me as I look at this situation, I’m looking at people, men and women, caught up in their sin, enslaved by their sin, it’s the playground of Satan and the evil forces against God’s way, and they are so broken and so angry at the world telling them and pointing out to them ‘there’s something wrong with you, your lifestyle is messed up, it’s deviant,’ all the things that get said, these are broken people who desperately want to feel whole but they are not willing to repent.

It’s true. From my chair, I’m looking out the window onto the playground of Satan, and I can see the Jungle Gym of Doom, the Merry-Go-Round of Evil and, you know, the swing set. And I am so broken and angry.

It never ceases to be strange, the things that wingnuts tell themselves about us. They have to concoct these weird cosmic fantasies, because they have absolutely no argument without them. [Not that their Dungeons & Dragons fantasies really count as “arguments” for anyone besides fringe True Believers, but you get the point.]

Right Wing Watch also has another part of the transcript, where Noble suggests that gays are “attacking the whole world.” As always, I ask, when are we doing this? After brunch? I’m so confused.