This is a really interesting exchange from today’s briefing with White House Press Secretary Jay Carney. As Andy said, The Washington Blade, Metro Weekly, and NBC “piled on,” asking Carney why Obama had rejected an executive order which would have prohibited federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT people. This is one of those “process” things. The Obama administration appears to believe that the best course to follow is one similar to their process with getting DADT repealed, building support to get ENDA passed. Others respond, “Yes, but wouldn’t this executive order help that process along?” It’s an interesting exchange, and it’s nice to see journalists pushing the administration on these things.


Think Progress has this statement from Rep. Jeff Merkley, who supports the idea of an executive order, and who is a leading proponent of ENDA:

“I appreciate the President’s support for ENDA and will keep pushing for legislative action. However, an executive order would be a very constructive step forward and help build momentum to pass the bill,” he said. “It’s disappointing that the White House is passing on an opportunity to make immediate gains for equal opportunity in America.”

It’s going to be really interesting to see what happens after Obama wins re-election.