Interesting e-mail I just got from openly gay Republican presidential candidate Fred Karger:

For the past 15 years Maggie has written books, columns and talked to anyone who would listen about the necessity of kids having a mother and a father (even though she didn’t follow her own advice for over a decade).

In 2008 Maggie took it up a notch, and started the National Organization for Marriage with $3 million dollars, to qualify and pass California’s Proposition 8 to take marriage away from millions of Californians. NOM has been labeled a “Hate Group.”

Where’s Your Wedding Ring, Maggie??

As usual, no ring anywhere to be seen

According to WikiAnswers, only 9.3% of American women don’t wear a wedding ring; a pretty small number. Certainly this national champion of marriage whose twitter name is @MaggieMarriage would wear a wedding ring if she was really married.

Tell the Truth, Maggie

Maggie, come clean – did you get divorced?

I first became suspicious when you spoke in Rhode Island two years ago at NOM’s “Celebrate Marriage & Family Day.” If ever there was a day to appear with your husband, that was it.

I even scoured Google images; not one photo of you and Raman. NOM’s Brian Brown is all over Google. There are lots of photos of Brian with his wife and family.

I smell a rat, Maggie. You are the author of a book titled, “The Case for Marriage: Why Married People are Happier, Healthier, and Better off Financially” (on Amazon for only $1.00). Makes sense to me. But why are you so hell-bent on making sure that those of us who happen to be gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender can’t marry?

Put up, or Shut up

Let’s see your marriage license, Maggie. Better yet, let’s see your husband!

I agree with Fred. Where is the hubby of the nation’s foremost promoter of heterosexual marriage? To show how easy it is, here is Jamie and I on our wedding day.

Your turn Maggs. As they say on Internet dating sites, “Pic, please.”