Bryan Fischer, the hatiest hater at the American Family Association hate group, has been on a roll the past couple of days, displaying his ignorance and bigotry like…well, like he usually does. Right Wing Watch has been paying attention to his latest meltdowns, and in the first one, he’s losing it over the prospect of Republicans having to support Mittens in the fall, because he’s an evil Mormon:

The reality is that there are just a number of Evangelicals that just will not vote for Romney because they do not want to put somebody who believes in a different god in the White House, which is perfectly understandable. He’s a spiritually compromised candidate; that’s the only way to put it. If he goes into the Oval Office, he will be the first polytheist that we’ve ever had as a president. Mitt Romney would be the first non-Christian president that we’ve ever had;

Wait, Bryan Fischer believes Obama is a Christian? I’m actually surprised. Or is he just getting lost in his competing talking points?

the first president that we’ve ever had that did not emerge from a stream of historic Christian orthodoxy.

So this would be unprecedented, and it would be unprecedented spiritually. You remember the prophets, this is one of the things that they were toughest on the kings about is departing the worship of the true and living God for alternative gods. This was something that weakened a nation and so we’re looking at that, if Mitt Romney becomes the president, we have a spiritually-compromised president who will be the first polytheist to ever hold the Oval Office, the first president who has ever believed in a multiplicity of gods, the first president who has ever believe that man can become a god, and that God didn’t used to be God, he used to be a man who progressed to godhood. So this would be completely uncharted waters for America.

Um, okay. Mitt Romney would obviously be an awful president, but I really don’t care whether he believes God used to be a man or whatever.

Of course, Bryan Fischer is playing a game of Pot Kettle Black with himself when it comes to calling out Mitt Romney’s strange beliefs, as Bryan immediately went on another word salad tangent about evolution:

[Fischer’s queening out against Romney] somehow sent him off on a tangent about science, during which he declared that he didn’t believe in global warming or evolution because he is “committed to science.”  And since “evolution is completely irrational and scientifically bankrupt,” the “most logical thing in the world” is to believe that God created the universe.

Um, omigod.

Kyle goes on to point out, of course, that for a man who is so “committed to science,” Bryan doesn’t actually explain what on God’s earth evolution and the laws of thermodynamics have to do with each other, but this is wingnut fantasy land. Actual facts and things do not matter, because the average AFA supporter views a sixth grade physical science text as a gateway into sin.

Here’s the video:

Bryan: please look up the scientific definition of the word “theory,” because you look even dumber than usual right now.