The free speech of others? Nah, not so much.

Commenting on the story of a California student who was wrongly ejected from participating in a school pageant for stating that in ten years’ time, he’d like to be able to be legally married, Porno Pete unfortunately opens his mouth, exercising the free speech he and his cohort claim is under threat:

“Parents through their school officials have the right to affirm their moral beliefs,” he asserts. “If advocating for sodomy-based ‘marriage,’ so called, is extremely controversial in the eyes of the parents, especially at a public venue, they should have the right to make that policy known. In other words, it doesn’t seem to me it’s a pure … free speech issue.”

Trouble is, the parents were pretty supportive of the kid. But here is the thing: the fact that the kid was saying that he wants to be married one day is not in and of itself “advocating” for it. He’s expressing a dream for his life, just like any other kid in that school.

“If the homosexual activists are going to tout free speech, then they need to respect free speech — our free speech,” he contends. “And the problem is so often they not only don’t respect our free speech, they’re trying to squelch it everywhere they can.”

He says as he’s whining loudly and being quoted verbatim both on wingnut websites and on gay websites, where we are making fun of/rebutting him. Porno Pete is being silenced, you guys! Pay no attention to the fact that he’s crying on and on about his free speech being taken away in a story that’s actually about a student being punished for speaking freely.

One other thing of note from the article: the OneNewsNow writer Becky Yeh recounted the student’s original quote like so:

“I just want to be able to sit on the couch by the person I love and happily proclaim that we’re married. Hopefully, ten years from now I’ll be able to do that, if ‘gay marriage’ is legal.”

This is how weird wingnuts are. They put gay marriage in scare quotes even when they’re directly quoting somebody. The shoddy journalism on display at OneNewsNow has been well documented over the years, but it’s a bit amazing to see just how extensive their psychoses are when reporting on such issues.

The comments section on that piece is fun if you want to gouge your eyes out.