MassResistance has always been one of the silliest anti-gay hate groups in the country. If you’re looking for hysterical ravings, check in with Brian Camenker and Amy Contrada. A shining example of this is their memo speaking out against the US State Department’s project to fight anti-gay violence around the world. Said memo is a long doozy of madness, but let’s take a look at it anyway:

The Obama administration has announced that it is taking the unbelievable role of pushing the homosexual agenda around the world and punishing countries that don’t comply.

Back in July, MassResistance reported how the Pakistanis angrily denounced the US Embassy’s open homosexual parties as “cultural terrorism.” Well, that was just the beginning.

It is always so strange how the Religious Right haaaaaaaates Muslims, except for when certain Muslims say/do anti-gay things. Then they’re fine. Unless they’re trying to play victim about how mean the gays are being, in which case they say things like, “why are gays so hateful against [right-wing, fundamentalist, anti-gay, hate-group-supporting] Christians? Why, we don’t hang them like they do in Iran! Perspective, folks!”

Now, foreign countries which seek to protect their citizens against homosexuality and the homosexual movement will be actively confronted by America’s State Department, foreign service, and other federal departments, according to a Presidential Memorandum released by the Obama Administration announced on Dec. 6.

Earth to MassResistance: those countries already have gay people. The US is just trying to get the more backward corners of the planet to treat their gay citizens a little better.

Unless countries around the world subordinate their own social and religious values to U.S. demands that they embrace homosexuality and the homosexual movement, they can expect interference from the US government in their internal affairs and punishment — using foreign aid and in international commerce, trade, banking, travel restrictions, and the like.

Mirroring the homosexual lobby’s (and the Left’s) traditional tactics, Obama is characterizing this as a “civil rights” quest for homosexuality and transgenderism.

Obama is on a QUEST! For homosexuality and transgenderism!

The other day, Porno Pete was complaining that we on the mean gay side of things increasingly treat the Religious Right as if they have no legitimate arguments about anything. This is why.

In the memo, Obama declares that America will be targeting foreign countries having laws or customs which “criminalize LGBT status,” don’t allow LGBT pride celebrations, or allow other “discrimination” against homosexual or transgender behavior. Obama also repeats the homosexual lobby’s mantra that there is widespread violence and murder against “men, women, and children for their perceived sexual orientation” causing him to act, but he does not give any specifics.

Obama assumes you know how to use Google.

The memo then breathlessly recounts all the terrible, terrorist things that the Obama administration is doing to try to help usher in a world where it’s just not considered polite to execute people for being gay, and then that section wraps up with this:

Take another look the list of federal agencies involved, and the vehemence of the Obama administration on this. Make no mistake about it. This will lead to increasingly brutal oppression against people with traditional values both in America and around the world.

Vehemence! Brutal oppression! Why won’t anybody think of the wingnuts and their constitutional right to never have their fee fees hurt or their beliefs questioned?!

Time to complain about Hillary Clinton:

The same day that Obama issued that infamous Presidential Memorandum — Dec. 6, so-called “International Human Rights” Day — Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reiterated Obama’s memo in a speech given in Geneva, Switzerland. (She’s unquestionably the only US Secretary of State ever to give a speech entirely on America’s support for homosexuality.)
Speaking to the Europeans, she specifically reinforced Obama’s directive to coordinate with and help fund international homosexual organizations, which will work to subvert the efforts of foreign countries holding traditional moral values and attempting to protect citizens from the effects of the homosexual agenda.

Just so we are totally clear, the countries that have “traditional moral values” and are “attempting to protect citizens from the effects of the homosexual agenda” have a really bad habit of passing laws criminalizing people for being gay, jailing them, sometimes giving them the death penalty. As much as Brian Camenker wants you to believe that this is all about Wingnuts of the World wanting to live free of their strange fear of people different from them, it’s not. It’s about nations that, like, kill gay people.

Starting a worldwide homosexual terror group?

As she said, this $3 million is “to start the fund.”

Look for enormous funding to come from various far-left government and private sources. This is quite frightening, because these radical groups can be used to perpetrate all kinds of sleazy and quasi-legal destabilizing and harassing activities in foreign countries that US government agencies can’t do so easily.

Sleazy! Quasi-legal! Worldwide homosexual terror group! Um, no, Brian, this is still about places like Uganda that want to pass things like the “Kill the Gays” bill.

3. Gov’t sanctioned website for homosexual activists in US State Dept. and foreign service reveals how far Obama Administration has taken us.

To see how far the Obama Administration has gone, one only needs to go to – “gays and lesbians in foreign affairs agencies.” The “gay pride” events in federal offices which seemed risqué just a few years ago, have given way to a virtual takeover by the State Department and foreign service around the globe.

Oh, god, they have a website. This is much more serious than I thought.

The next section of the memo details the horrific story of a transgender person being treated like a human being, working in the State Department, because of a new nondiscrimination policy which requires EVEN TRANSGENDER PEOPLE to be treated like human beings, rather than objects of the Religious Right’s confusion and derision. Even worse…

Last summer MassResistance reported that the nation’s blood supply is facing new danger from political pressure to change rules regarding homosexual blood donors. The major pressure was to ignore public health principles and bow to dangerous political correctness was from Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

Now Sebelius is going even further. Her keynote speech centered around new legislation forcing insurance companies to cover the destructive effects of reckless homosexual behavior even if they are pre-existing conditions. She has also worked to have insurance cover “domestic partners,” and to extend the coverage for expensive “preventive testing” of homosexual-related diseases and health risks. These new mandates, of course, will help dramatically raise the price of health care for all Americans.

Um, so Brian seems to be insinuating here that Kathleen Sebelius has a master plan to inject AIDS blood into the US supply. Because as we all know, all gay blood is AIDS blood. Moreover, she wants loving gay couples to have health insurance benefits, and, wait, what’s this about “preventive testing?” You mean she wants gay people to have access to health care, which is a well-known way to prevent STD’s like, um, HIV/AIDS? This memo is getting really dumb, unless you’re a wingnut, in which case you’re just shrieking at all the scary words without taking time to comprehend them.

Moreover, if ObamaCare survives, it won’t be long before we taxpayers will be forced to subsidize “gender reassignment” surgeries and procedures.

Indeed. The actual master plan is for every transgender person to be teamed up with one “family valyews” wingnut, and they will be forced to become best friends. When the time comes, the wingnut has to write the check for the surgery.

Anyway, MassResistance concludes by explaining that the Frothy Mix known as Rick Santorum is our only hope, if we want to preserve a world where, more or less, there are still some places where you can do a little institutional gay bashing and get away with it.

Because, I guess, the most important issue facing our world today is protecting the poor, unwitting people of Uganda, Iran, etc., from Barack, Hillary and their roving band of rainbow terrorists.


[h/t Brian @ Right Wing Watch]