Tom McClusky of the Family Research Council hate group went to talk on on Janet Mefferd’s radio program and guess what? The sky is falling, and also all the polls that show majority support for marriage equality are just a big conspiracy. One, two, three, everybody stick your heads in the sand with Tom McClusky:

McClusky denied concerns that opposing marriage equality will make the GOP more unpopular by arguing that polls which show growing support for legalizing same-sex marriage are “skewered” [sic] because people are likely lying in opinion surveys out of fear that they would be criticized for revealing their true views to pollsters.

Yes, if there’s one thing Americans are terrified of, it’s pollsters. “Oh god, Public Policy Polling is on the phone, what do we do?!” “Don’t tell them anything, Lurleen!”

Mefferd: Ultimately, why do you think this is an issue worth fighting for even if they dub it in the media as a losing issue, the gay marriage issue, why is it worth fighting for?

McClusky: Even more so than the economic issue this is a generational issue. I look at my nieces and nephews, I look at my wife and the children that we hope to have and I understand what would happen to society if marriage were to go away or to be redefined out of existence. Societies that try to do away with marriage, they crumble, they fall apart. We need to emphasize more on the family and without that fight the U.S. will just not be the U.S. anymore.

Mefferd: I unfortunately agree with you on that.

I unfortunately think that these people are really talking to themselves in a strange echo chamber of their own creation. Nobody is “doing away with marriage,” but rather expanding it to include everyone. Guess what that does? It strengthens families. People like Tom ‘n’ Janet are the ones trying to hurt people’s families.

If you click the link above, you can also read Tom’s prediction that if things keep going The Way They’re Going, we’re going to end up with a third party comprised of old crabby white fundamentalist wingnuts, blacks and Hispanics. Yeah, that’s a coalition that’s going to happen, Tom.

Wingnuts have always been delusional, but I fear they’re accelerating their trip off the deep end.