Here’s Brian Brown, whining/begging for money:

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Gay marriage activists are on the attack like never before. And it’s getting personal.

They are targeting NOM and have pulled out the race card in a desperate attempt to shut us down in this critical election year. Why?

If we “pulled out the race card,” we pulled it out of your paws, Brian. Pointing out obvious racism/race-baiting is not “pulling the race card,” though.

Because they know that our coalition is strong and growing,


and NOM has become the single biggest obstacle in their campaign to force same-sex marriage on every American state, county and municipality.

More like a gnat. A really, really racist gnat.

The latest barrage came Tuesday from the Gray Lady herself, when The New York Times editorial board charged NOM with employing a “poisonous political approach” based on “racially and ethnically divisive strategies” to block same-sex marriage.

It’s laughable.

SO FUNNY, the way that the National Organization for Marriage sought to cynically pit racial minorities against gay people, to try to engender between the [overlapping] groups, and also, to find America’s Stupidest Celebrities so they could hit them up to stop whatever reality teevee show they’re shooting and go on a jihad against loving gay families. Yes…that’s that Brian Brown sense of humor…

[h/t Tbogg]