Man, don’t you hate it when feminists commit the greatest sin of all, that of being pretty? Phyllis Schlafly sure does, as she explained to cadets at the Citadel recently. Rebecca at the Wonkette, take it away:

Well, this week’s [visiting “smart” lecturer] was Phyllis Schlafly, the happy warrior chiefly known for defeating the Equal Rights Amendment and hating gays except her gay son, and she had plenty of good sensible (and extremely timely) warnings for our future military leaders, like: “Feminists are having a hard time being elected because they essentially are unlikable,” and “Find out if your girlfriend is a feminist before you get too far into it,” she said. “Some of them are pretty. They don’t all look like Bella Abzug.” Haw haw haw, said the cadets, or they would have if they had any idea who Abzug was, since she died in 1998 when they four years old.


Schlafly said she thinks pro-family, pro-life GOP candidates have a chance of winning if they concentrate on bringing good jobs to this county and putting a stop to Obama, who she thinks is doing whatever he wants to do. “He’s ruling like a petty dictator,” she said.

In conclusion, Phyllis Schlafly doesn’t like those purty girls who think they deserve rights, and she doesn’t know what a dictator is. The punchline is that she was speaking to a class on “Conservative Intellectual Tradition in America.”