I’m working on a couple of Serious Posts, but I’m pausing now to point out that the internet is even funnier than usual on the subject of GOP laughingstock Rick Santorum today. First up, one of our favorite parody websites, ChristWire, has introduced a new line of Rick Santorum themed food that’s sure to make your Easter feast a little more frothy than usual. For instance, here is some salad dressing:

Guys, are you worried that eating salad makes you look a bit homosexual? Worry no more with Wish Bone’s aggressively zesty Santorum Salad Dressing! It will bully your taste buds into submission like a gang of sweaty jocks in the locker room! There’s no room to escape when that marvelous Santorum richness holds you down and floods your mouth!

Once you’ve acquired a taste for those subtle hints of musky delight, you’ll be parting lettuce leaves and rolling tomatoes aside to get right at that those thick gobs of Santorum in your tossed salad! Your tongue will dart every which way to lap up the pungent depths of this heartland flavor! And when that final blast of Santorum hits your lips, you’ll feel like a Tea Party favorite with a million dollar consulting gig! No amount of feminists, radical gays and hippies will hold you back from embracing America’s reawakened manhood when you have Santorum dripping from your chin!

NOM NOM, right? Click over to see them all.

And on the subject of Rick Santorum’s strange pledge to take all the porn away from America’s wingnuts [they seem to be some of the biggest consumers of the stuff], a new parody video has come out where America’s porn stars vow to fight back. It might not be safe for work — it’s not graphic, but hello, it is about porn — but it’s quite funny. From Raw Story:

“Great idea starting a war with the Internet. How did that work out for you last time?” pornstar Allie Haze said in reference to the former Pennsylvania senator’s Google problem.

Not so well, Frothy, not so well. Here, have a laugh, and then I’ll be back in a few with something about Scott Lively and then something about Martin Luther King, Jr.