Of course, all the NOMmers love each other, but it’s kind of funny when the “news” arm of the American Family Association hate group actually prints an article like this:

A supporter of traditional marriage finds it “amusing” that people are shocked when pro-family groups use the same strategies employed by the left.


According to The Associated Press, pro-“gay” advocates call the strategy “underhanded” and “ugly politics.” But Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, founder of the Ruth Institute, commends NOM’s president for the effort.

“If I were an investor in social conservative causes, I would put Brian Brown on my speed dial because these documents are showing that Brian Brown is basically a strategic genius, and he’s doing what any sensible person ought to do in his situation,” she decides.

Um, the Ruth Institute is part of NOM. They might not work together frequently, but Brian Brown is Jennifer Roback Morse’s coworker. Are wingnut readers really that stupid? God.

And of course, this changes nothing about the open, disgusting racism which is apparently de rigueur at the National Organization for Marriage.

Now, for fun, here are the results of the related “poll” the hate group newsies website included with the article:

Wingnuts need to flatter themselves by believing that there are multiple lines of “reasoning” that lead them to their conclusions, apparently…