And also for anyone out there who knows a gay kid whose Christian parents don’t accept them, and so on and so forth…

This is Matthew Vines, a young Christian man who spent two years, while on leave from Harvard, diving into a deep, respectful study of what the Bible teaches on homosexuality. While many of his conclusions [and they are scholarly…no wishy washy nonsense here] will already be familiar to readers who have studied the issue, his delivery and obvious respect for the topic at hand make his a quite disarming and refreshing lecture to watch.

I’m not a Christian, but even I was riveted by his talk. It’s an hour long, so watch it in whatever small pieces you have to, or if you’re like me, start it with the intention of watching a few minutes of it, and then we’ll see you in an hour when it’s over.

[h/t Kathy Baldock]