Just six weeks from now, on May 8, 2012, voters in North Carolina will go to the polls to decide the fate of Amendment 1. If the amendment passes, marriage discrimination will be enshrined into that state’s governing document. As Jeremy Hooper points out, North Carolina is the last southern state to put a specific group’s fundamental marriage rights up to a popular vote. The importance of defeating this amendment, as Protect All NC Families is trying to do, should go without saying.

Today the LGBT blogosphere, including Bilerico, Towleroad, Pam’s House Blend, Joe.My.God, Good As You, New Civil Rights MovementDaily Kos, the Human Rights Campaign, Prop 8 Trial Tracker, Back 2 Stonewall, and AmericaBlog, is coming together in a “blogswarm” to help raise money for Protect All NC Families. The group hopes to raise $1,000,000 by April 1, and they’ll be able to do it with our help. Truth Wins Out is proud to assist in the blogswarm, and we encourage all of our readers to contribute to this important cause if you’re at all able to do so, even if you’re only able to chip in a couple of bucks. Click HERE to give.

Hooper rightly points out that proponents of marriage discrimination in North Carolina are waging an incredibly anti-gay campaign that employs extremist rhetoric and blatantly panders to religion-based bigotry. They launched an ugly new TV ad last weekend (which Alvin McEwen brilliantly deconstructs here).

Before I moved to Vermont to begin my work with Truth Wins Out, I lived with my husband in Wisconsin. That state, in which both of us were born and raised, put our marriage rights on the ballot in 2006 just eight months after we tied the knot ourselves. We know how much that stings, so we’re contributing to today’s blogswarm.

I hope you will, too.