Last week I posted a rambling, eleven minute invocation on the floor of the Georgia House of Representatives from an anti-gay wingnut pastor named Tony Byrd. In that invocation, he listed gayness right along with child rape and other violent assaults, oh, and also the Mary Jane, among the things that are destroying America. Of course. Well, he’s back to entertain us, thank goodness!

Right Wing Watch posted a video of one of Tony’s sermons from last year, with this description:

Byrd’s appearance at the capitol was downright tame compared his sermon last October on the evils of compromise and the moral bankruptcy of America. Byrd said that compromise leads to catastrophe, citing homosexuality and abortion. He went on to rail against TV sitcoms, which “have some kind of homosexual agenda involved in them” and equate gays with drug addicts. The bottom line, he argued, is that “we’re going down the tubes.”

Oh, those teevee sitcoms! “Most of them have a homosexual agenda!” Enjoy.

It’s so bizarre that there’s a percentage of Americans who really believe this stuff.