Here’s a straight kid in Georgia who gets it, and on the other side, here are the public school faculty who are apparently letting their bigotry interfere with their ability to be decent educators:

Two faculty advisers to the student council at Alpharetta High School fired that body’s president last month after he introduced a resolution to make the Prom Queen & King competition more inclusive to gay students by renaming it the Prom Court, a federal lawsuit filed Tuesday alleges.

Reuben Lack, the former student body president at Alpharetta High School, presented the proposal at the Jan. 12 student council meeting. As the students began a “vibrant discussion” of the resolution, faculty adviser Michelle Werre intervened, Lack’s lawyer, James Radford, told Fenuxe Wednesday evening.

“Before there could be a formal vote, the adviser shut the discussion down,” Radford said.

At the next student council meeting two weeks later, Lack, who is not gay, re-introduced the measure “out of defiance,” but was again thwarted by the faculty adviser, Radford said.

“A week after that, he is called into a meeting with the two faculty advisers for student council, and they inform him, ‘We’re sorry, but you are no longer president of the student council,” Radford said. “It was that abrupt.”

He simply tried to make sure that a portion of the student body didn’t feel excluded from a defining event for many high school students, and the kid, who was elected by his peers, was kicked off the student council. Nice “adults” you’ve got there, Alpharetta High School. For readers not familiar with Alpharetta, it should be pointed out that Alpharetta is a tony suburb of Atlanta and not some little town out in the country that gays try to escape from.

[h/t Tengrain]