CNN’s Soledad O’Brien just loves hate group leader Tony Perkins.

Or at least that’s how it would seem, judging by her Twitter banter with him after an appearance on her show last week. Blogger Matt Algren has the details and the screen captures:


Awfully friendly, aren’t we, Soledad? Rather disturbing, if you ask me. Also, I’d really like to know why she pooh-poohed Algren for calling her out on her dangerously irresponsible reporting.

As Matt points out, I can’t think of a more timely illustration of the problem with the media’s stubborn insistence on portraying issues of LGBT rights as having two equally legitimate “sides,” and their willingness to seek the opinion of anti-gay hate groups in the pursuit of that false equivalency. The networks wouldn’t dare consult David Duke in order to appear “balanced” on African-American civil rights or include Matt Hale in a panel discussion on anti-Semitism, but apparently, even the vilest of anti-LGBT bigots are still entitled to a television platform for the spreading of their dangerous views.

Many thanks to Faithful America for its campaign calling on MSNBC to drop Perkins as a contributor. Thanks also to GLAAD for launching its Commentator Accountability Project in order to educate the media about the extremist rhetoric and history of hate behind TV’s anti-LGBT talking heads. As GLAAD’s Herndon Graddick said, “Hate is not an expert opinion.”

We couldn’t agree more. The media must stop legitimizing extremists and hate groups in the name of a false “balance” on basic LGBT rights.