Yesterday we showed you footage of a nutty preacher, Dennis Terry, who was introducing Rick Santorum. The holy man’s hateful and intolerant comments are causing a big storm for Santorum, who is trying to weasel his way out of this conundrum. According to the Daily Telegraph:

The comments raise some embarrassing questions for the evangelical candidate, who has previously said J F Kennedy’s notion of separating the Church and state made him want to “throw up”.

Last night he was forced to clarify his stance over the pastor’s opinions and whether he agreed with the comments.

Insisting he supported religious freedom, Mr Santorum said he “wasn’t quite listening” during the speech but had not clapped at the parts where their opinions clashed.

“I didn’t clap when he said that. I do remember him saying that, I said, well, I wasn’t quite sure he was saying it for himself, I wasn’t quite listening to everything to be honest with you. But I wasn’t sure whether he was speaking for himself or speaking generally, but I didn’t clap when he said that because it’s not how I feel.”

The clips are reminiscent of the Rev Jeremiah Wright episode during Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, where the pastor’s “God Damn America” sermon, almost stalled Obama’s White House chances.