Last night I had the pleasure of attending Equality Florida’s  benefit at the Bass Museum in Miami Beach. The event honored long-time friend and super journalist Steve Rothaus (pictured) for his outstanding contributions. I hope to post portions of his powerful speech later this week. In this picture, Steve is with me and my parents. Doesn’t my Mom look fabulous in her red jacket? Give her a shout out if you are one of our fashion gurus.


Mike Rogers, the star of the movie Outrage, was also on-hand with Raw Story’s John Byrne.

Congratulations to Nadine Smith (pictured with parents), Equality Florida’s fearless leader, for hosting a successful event. What I love about Nadine is that she has tremendous knowledge of the Religious Right. This, of course, comes in handy in a state like Florida, which has no shortage of sun bleached wing nuts. (I can say that because Florida is my home state)

If you have not donated to Equality Florida, please consider doing so.