In today’s Miami Herald there is a Q&A with Sen. Marco Rubio. (R-Fla.), who many people believe may one day have a shot at becoming the President. Reporter Alex Leary asked him about recent comments made by Rush Limbaugh.

Q: Rush Limbaugh’s comments have become an issue, do you have any reaction?

A: “I’m responsible for the things I say. I don’t have an opinion about everything that happens in the world. I think that’s been dealt with adequately. He’s spoken about it, he’s apologized.”

Q: You don’t have any thoughts on that?

A: “No. I’m not going to comment every time somebody on the radio says something.”

Wow, Rubio doesn’t have any more guts than Mitt Romney. The Florida senator responded like a coward by refusing to stand up to King Rush. And the idea that he doesn’t have an opinion on this is laughable, considering he opines on virtually everything under the Florida sun.