Here is Tony Byrd, an extremist pastor, giving the invocation in the Georgia House of Representatives! Here is Rebecca from Wonkette, describing the following video:

First, this very gentle and mellow man, Rev. Tony Byrd of Zebulon Baptist Church in Toccoa, who appeared at the invitation of Rep. Michael Harden, talks about an atheist radio host (Marc Maron? Sam Seder?) and how America is a Christian nation for about 127 minutes; then the eye of God on the dollar bill; then urban warzones; then gay marriers and their un-Godly agenda; then ???; and finally, PROFIT! Nowhere does he actually seem to pray. OH WAIT! He does. For the last 45 seconds of his 11-minute invocation.

Exciting! Let us watch it together.

My favorite parts:

1. How he calls the Civil War the “war between the states.” That’s always funny. At least he didn’t cough out “War of Northern Aggression.”

2. A little after the seven minute mark, he’s ranting about how our streets have become war zones and the problems of violent crime like rape, and then all of a sudden he veers off into the fact that [horror!] several states are looking at legalizing marijuana. Then he mentions child pornography [bad] and then suddenly he’s ranting about gay marriage. These things are all connected, you see! You don’t? Well, you’re not a wingnut then.

3. And then, yes, at the very end, as Rebecca says, dude finally remembers to pray.