As Rebecca at Wonkette explains, Utah is often sort of on its own when it comes to public policy:

As Utah goes, so goes … well, not that many other states really. Bit of an outlier, that one, with their 35 percent 2008 Bammerz vote, and their million wives each, and their habit of actually paying for porn.

Ha. Right, so, in case you hadn’t heard, Utah’s legislature passed a sweeping “no sex talk, please” sex-ed bill recently:

Proving just how good sweet, sweet censorship can be, Utah’s Legislature has passed new statewide sex-ed rules that ban teachers from discussing contraception, premarital sex, and teh Ghey, even when directly asked by “the children.” Perhaps Utah, “The Land of the Saints,” is emulating the smashing success of the “Don’t Say Gay” rules in Michele Bachmann’s home school district, Anoka-Hennepin, as evidenced by the veritable Minnesota tsunami of suicides by bullied gay teens…

Uh, yeah. Also, Tennessee. Thank goodness lawmakers and Tennessee’s Republican guv are actually starting to back away from Tennessee’s infamous “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Don’t worry, though, they’re only backing away so that they can focus on a bill prohibiting any discussion of sex, ever, in Tennessee’s schools. It’s not like we’ve had any gay teen suicides in Tennessee or anything.

WHICH BRINGS US BACK TO UTAH. Wingnuts are in control, obviously, but Utahns sort of actually hate this bill’s guts, totally:

But in an actually surprising move, a near-supermajority of Utahans want their governor to veto last week’s Lege-approved “Don’t Say Sex” Sex-Ed bill.

Look at that! More:

If Gov. Gary Herbert wants an opinion on whether to sign a recently passed sex education bill, he has plenty to choose from: Lawmakers have made their cases, more than 35,000 people have signed an online petition urging Herbert to veto the bill, and various groups have taken sides.

On Monday, a new Brigham Young University poll joined that list. The poll shows that 58 percent of 472 voters surveyed agree or strongly agree with the statement, “Public schools in Utah should teach about the use of contraceptives.”

Wow! Even Utah people believe in the right of people to have sex without always having to make babies. Good for them!

Of course the article points out that the governor will probably go ahead and sign the bill, because politics and wingnuts, so we’re still doomed.