One of the reasons I’m so certain that the battle for LGBT equality will be a successful one is because of the welldocumented generation gap in support for LGBT issues, including marriage equality (even among evangelicals!).

But you can’t win ’em all. Check out the video below — these two young Oklahoman women are just so gosh darn crazy about Rick Santorum that they wrote him a country pop song!

Still, all is not lost. In just a few years, these kids will graduate from high school and move out of mom and dad’s house. If they attend university, they’ll be exposed to all sorts of different people of varying cultures, religions, races, orientations, identities, and political beliefs that will challenge and expand their worldview. (No wonder their man Rick hates it so much!) If either of them decide to pursue studies in music, there’s no way they’ll be able to avoid this. (My education is in music, so I know from whence I speak.) So the odds are good that they won’t be singing this tune for long.

And if they still are in ten or twenty years? Frankly, the world will have left them — and everyone else who still thinks God wrote the Bill of Rights or that married same-sex couples should be forcibly divorced — so far behind we won’t even be able to hear the strumming of their guitars.