Dr. Warren Throckmorton has some interesting news to report on his blog:

On Saturday, I noted that Cameron recruited Herb Titus for Monumental, his new movie. Titus has become popular with Birthers who believe Obama is not a natural born citizen and therefore ineligible for the Presidency.

Reading more, it appears that Dr. Titus is also of the Christian Reconstructionism persuasion. Here he delivers a tribute to Rousas J. Rushdoony, father of Christian Reconstructionism, here he argues that public education is unbiblical, here is his book on dominion and law and here he and law partner William Olson argue against the Lawrence vs. Texas case that nullified sodomy laws nationally.

According to this Atlantic article by Harvey Cox, Titus was fired as law school dean at Regent University because of his dominionist views.

Clearly, Cameron’s religious views need to be examined a little more carefully. Maybe his recruitment of Titus is coincidental. However, we all know what they say about birds flocking together. In any case, Cameron is giving a large platform to an individual who appears to have some outlandishly radical views.

For the unacquainted, many Reconstructionists want to replace the US Constitution with a form of Old Testament-based Christian Sharia. In some cases, this includes the death penalty for LGBT people and for “crimes” such as adultery.

I’m sure the conversation on the movie set was just lovely.