The Huffington Post reports that Newt Gingrich ended an appearance Monday night at a presidential forum in Birmingham, Ala., with a cry of defiance, vowing to remain a candidate for president in the Republican primary.

“I do not believe the other two candidates can beat Obama and I believe this race is the most important in our lifetime,” Gingrich said emphatically. “And I will not leave the field.”

Was there any doubt that this egomaniac only cared about himself? Does he give a hoot if he sinks the GOP’s chances to beat Obama? No.

Polls show that Gingrich has a good chance of winning in Mississippi and Alabama. Of course this can be expected in a state where a significant number of people, according to one poll, believe that the President is a Muslim.

APPP poll showing that 45 percent of Alabama Republicans think Mr. Obama is a Muslim, and only 14 percent know that he’s actually a Christian. In Mississippi, the same poll showed that a majority of Republicans, 52 percent, believe the Muslim lie.

In fairness, there are credible critics of this poll, including the New York Times’ Andrew Rosenthal, who question the methodology.

While there’s no question that far too many people buy into this propaganda, I’m not ready to condemn a majority of Mississippians based on this survey. PPP is a partisan organization that conducts automated surveys. That means it’s not clear who answered the questions and whether the sample is statistically representative.

Current law prohibits automated dialers from calling cellphones. So PPP is likely missing a big chunk of the population. (The latest research shows that about 25 percent to 31 percent of people now use cellphones exclusively.)

My point is that not all survey organizations are created equal, and it’s worth keeping that in mind when you come across polling data in news articles.

Even if the poll is off by a wide margin and only 25% of the state’s Republicans believe that Obama is a Muslim, it would still be an incredibly disconcerting number of shockingly uninformed voters who are making decisions on who should run America based on a deliberate lie.