Out of touch with the mainstream of America, much, Frothy?

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum on Thursday attributed the criticism of his socially conservative political beliefs to journalists and others living in New York.

“The idea that values issues are losers is held by a group of people in the media who live in the New York area,” he said in an interview with American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer. “Because they don’t know anybody or very few people who share those values, so they just assume the rest of the country is like them.”

“So they just naturally recoil at someone who dares to talk about these things or actually publicly talks about his faith and what his faith and convictions are. It makes them uncomfortable.”

Er, no, Frothster. If it was just mean New Yorkers [as watertiger translates, JEWS!] who hated Rick Santorum’s ultra weird psychosexually obsessed politics, Rick would be winning a lot more primaries than he currently is, and this is among Republican wingnut primary voters. Meanwhile, a majority of the country supports marriage equality and a super-majority [like what, 99%?] of women use/have used contraception at one point or another.

Rick Santorum, of course, said this to the spokesperson for a nationally known hate group, so he didn’t get any pushback. That’s how the echo chamber works.