Tonight, we got to delight in the complete ignorance, incompetence, and buffoonery of Sarah Palin. She is the unqualified VP pick of Sen. John McCain, who clearly, in this case, put his political hopes before the good of his country.

Imagine if McCain would have won and then passed away. The traumatized nation would have been stuck with President Palin, who very well may have destroyed America. At least what was left of it to screw up after eight horrifying years of George W. Bush.

The two-hour movie, Game Change, showed that Palin is significantly dumber and less prepared for the big show than her fiercest critics could ever have imagined. For example, in the movie she thought the Queen of England actually ran the United Kingdom’s foreign policy and dealt directly with the President. She had no idea why North and South Korea were different countries. The VP pick thought we were attacked on 9-11 by Saddam Hussein. Palin had no idea what the Fed was, even as America careened towards an economic collapse.

I’d love to know what our readers think of Game Change. Please weigh in and offer your opinions.