Note from a TWO reader and a sign of hope for the future:

It’s been almost 13 years since I lost my daughter to suicide.  She was a beautiful caring young lady, a swimmer, a musician.  She was also subject to bullying, much of it due to a younger special needs sister. Her life touched many, her death many more.  It was a struggle to accept the unacceptable.

Its tormenting to hear of other suicides.  Its bittersweet to hear of new awareness programs – its good that its happening, but sad that its necessary.  Her birthday was 5 weeks ago.  Last week was Pink Shirt Day.  It was a difficult day, I broke down with one telephone call. The attitudes of school authorities haven’t changed much.  It was the kids and parents that carried the day here.

Today I ran some errands.  For some reason I grabbed my camera, and I even used a different route.  That’s when I saw this sign, pulled over and took this picture.  It wasn’t her school, but it is the same school district.  Maybe we are making some progress.  It was a better day.