Oh, Linda. You really are the biggest bigot in the Western Hemisphere. This isn’t even coherent:

The question is sometimes asked, how would same-sex marriage harm your marriage? There are several simple answers. One, it changes what is considered normal and legal throughout our culture and therefore what is taught and modeled to our children and grandchildren. Do we want little Morgan in second grade to learn that when she grows up she might marry a boy or might marry a girl and either one is perfectly fine and she won’t know until she’s older which she prefers, but that’s OK.

Yes. That way, if Morgan is indeed a lesbian, she won’t grow up with the seething self-hatred modeled by people like Linda Harvey. If she’s straight, she’ll grow up to be a decent human being who doesn’t judge people for whom they love, and she probably won’t devote her career to hurting people.

Do you think Morgan will develop with a secure and stable idea about her identity as a girl and woman with this shaky and morally irrational guidance?

Yes. Morgan will be fine. Much better than if she were raised in Linda’s church, which I assume contributes more than its fair share to make sure that gay kids grow

No wonder our kids are anxious, stressed out and feel they have nothing to believe in sometimes, they are being told what they can see themselves is foolishness and being told to swallow these lies and stay quiet if you don’t agree.

Uh. No. Kids pretty much just want to be loved, accepted and nurtured. Also, when they’re raised without irrational, dung-slinging bigotry, they seem pretty okay with the concept that sometimes a prince grows up to marry a princess and sometimes he grows up to marry another prince. Simple.

Until  next time Linda says something hurtful and stupid. [About an hour from now?]