Rush Limbaugh’s  protracted vitriolic attack against a Georgetown law student who was denied the opportunity to testify before the House about contraception, which has caused at least 34 advertisers to drop his show, has drawn attention to his long history of bigoted remarks, including an attack he made in February against a high-profile married lesbian couple in California seeking divorce. Yesterday, according to Lucas Grindley at the Advocate, the couple jabbed back.

Here are a few of Limbaugh’s original comments: “Did you see that the poster couple for gay marriage in California are getting a divorce? You see that? It’s true. It’s two women, they were among the first 14 same-sex couples who got married on the day the ban was lifted in California back in June of 2008. I guess the national average, three-and-a-half years, is what their marriage lasted, maybe it’s the California average. I’m not sure.”

One of the women, activist and comedian Robin Tyler, responded:

“Rush Limbaugh is two or three divorces ahead of me. He is the kind of guy who thinks women are sluts and lesbians have penis envy. Well, I don’t have penis envy. I have 12 at home in a drawer in Northridge. I get excited in New York and my drawer pops open in California!”

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