Truth Wins Out is definitely becoming a lot more well known these days, but Wayne Besen is featured as one of five “modest heroes” in the fight for equality:

These five modest heroes — hailing from the disparate worlds of health, research, law, journalism, and religion — deserve some recognition. Each makes unique contributions to LGBT equality that matter more than most people realize.

And about Wayne, specifically:

Activist author Wayne Besen launched a petition this month that within hours forced a homophobic high school principal in Brownsville, Tennessee to resign after she told LGBT students they were doomed to spend all eternity in Hell. His petition also got the county school board to formally commit – on the same day – to free speech, tolerance, and diversity.

When not writing, Besen operates TWO (Truth Wins Out), the non-profit organization most dedicated to exposing the fraudulent “ex-gay therapy” that is sold by anti-LGBT hate groups, and promoted and endorsed by the Catholic and Mormon churches. This so-called “reparative” therapy purports to cure whatever sexual orientation the patient was born with, yet consists only of hope and prayer wrapped in a new, non-gay wardrobe. This faux treatment was long ago discredited by every major professional mental/medical health organization because it’s expensive, never succeeds, harms its patients, and leads to suicide.

Besen’s educational efforts help potential patients, relatives, and friends realize before it’s too late that ex-gay therapy is junk science, that selling it constitutes consumer fraud, and that treatment with it constitutes medical malpractice. For more info, check out:,, and follow him on Twitter @WayneBesen.

Very cool, I think!